Booking Overview

OLOS’ accommodation is available year round for members and their guests, and for membership applicants.

The ski season booking periods, procedures and booking rules are described on this site and sent to members before the start of the season.

Bookings may be made via our online booking service.

The Mt Hotham apartment is made available for public bookings from early June, so members are advised to book early if they wish to use this facility.

Booking Rules

Bookings will only be considered from members who are debt-free or settle their account at the time of booking.

Bookings are tentative until paid in full. Bookings still unpaid 7 days after making the booking will be cancelled.

OLOS requires a minimum of 5 people booked or equivalent payment in order to open the lodge. If there are fewer than 5 people in your booking and no others booked for those dates, your booking will be accepted and monitored. If total numbers remain below the minimum threshold 14 days before the booking, you will be given the option of paying extra or cancelling the booking.

The Member rate applies to members only.

Associate Members may make one booking per season at Member rates. Subsequent bookings are at Guest rates

Applicants are charged Guest rates and may only make bookings for themselves. Applicants wishing to bring a guest should comment to this effect in their booking. The Booking Officer will try to arrange a sponsoring member.

Guests must be accompanied by a member. A Child is a person aged between 3 and 17 at the date of the booking.

Hotham bookings are subject to confirmation with Mt Hotham Accommodation. Members will be notified if their tentative booking CANNOT be confirmed.


Each member is entitled to make bookings for him/herself, immediate family and one non-family guest.

Should the lodge have vacancies, members are able to book additional guests 14 days prior to the start of the booking. Member bookings receive priority.


If you are unable to keep your confirmed or wait-listed booking, you must cancel the booking in the Booking System 14 days before the booked period commences.

Credit will only be given for late cancellations if the cancelled beds are taken up by another booking.

OLOS has adopted Mt Buller’s Snow Guarantee (previously called the ‘no snow’ policy). Bookings cancelled in line with the Snow Guarantee will be credited.